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Begin this quest by speaking to a guard on the south-west side of the Sentinel's Watch waypoint in the Mount Zavain zone. This guard (Terell) is asking the player if they've met one of his fellow guards who's name is Ryston. The player needs to search for Ryston, but he's actually quite close to Sentinel's Watch take a left turn, heading towards the yellow circle that appears on the mini map. Ryston will state the need for better food than what he's being offered, and Diablo 4 Gold will request the player to purchase an assortment of Varanid haunches. Once these are obtained and handed over to Ryston the scout will begin an fire to cook the stomachs. Unfortunately, a large Gorejaw Varanid appears and swallows Ryston whole. The player has to kill the Gorejaw as well as return Ryston's Service Badge to Terell to claim the reward.

A few players may notice that a skull with a purple color appear within their miniature map occasionally. These are boss creatures that are sought-after. It is considered an optional quest, despite being an unplanned event that can occur in any zone. However, these wanted bosses will always be in the same zones. These bosses that glow purple aren't as tough than the gold-colored bosses. They are always accompanied by minions along with them too. In theory, the quest is not difficult to complete, however, picking certain Diablo 4 classes will make it simpler. All the player needs to do is search for and defeat the boss to earn the reward.

This quest is located on The Ancient Graveyard area of the Frozen Tundra zone. This area of the Ancient Graveyard is not an zone that is visited by a large number of players. It's a ghost-town, both figuratively and literally. A major reason for this is because the creatures that inhabit this region have an irritating habit of entrapping players in the ice-filled ring. To start this side quest search for a person who is trying to pull an axe worthy of a Barbarian through the snow. The axe was imprisoning something called an Elder Horror though, which is now free. The player will have to fight Frost Horrors, then the Elder Horror itself.

"Scepter of Desire" starts in the eastern portion in the eastern part of Windswept Sands in the Shassar Sea zone. The player needs to communicate with an individual known as Gade who asks them to assist a group who are being attacked by a local brigand organization known as the Sand Scorpions. After speaking with cheap Diablo 4 Gold one of the survivors of the raid The player discovers that their leader and the man known as Zov have captured the remaining hostages and brought them in the Chamber of Sacrifice.

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