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Diablo 4 Gold has come a quite a long way since its debut announcement back in 2018. Upon announcing that its new game in the adored Diablo series will be a mobile-only game, Blizzard was made a joke by the general gaming world, with one notorious Q&A participant asking if it was a joke from April Fool's Day. joke. In the aftermath, Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 will also be coming to PC. In the years since the debut, Diablo 4 has found its way into select players' hands through various alphas and betas. Now, finally, the game has received an international release. Some may be surprised to learn that, in fact fans, it's actually pretty good.

The infamous microtransactions aside, Diablo 4 is being thoroughly reviewed by the critics and fans, and the game's graphics and mechanics have been praised in conjunction with its smooth touchscreen controls. With these positive reviews as well as the game's free-to-play and being available on both mobile and PC systems, Diablo Diablo 4 is rapidly becoming a hit and that means more players than ever before are stepping into the world of Sanctuary. Before they can embark on their adventure they'll need to start their adventure in the fishing village of Wortham, Diablo 4's starting city and one that's under threat by undead beasts.

Just to the west to the west of New Tristram, in the kingdom of Khanduras, Wortham used to have been a bustling fishing community. Many of Wortham's inhabitants were fishermen, who were employed in trawling the waters that surrounded the town. While others were ferrymen , who earned an income by transporting people from Wortham in the vicinity of New Tristram via the Traders Road.

The residents of Wortham were far from affluent, but most were content with what they had and knew that they could have much more. When 1270 came around, Wortham was attacked by members of a cult. The fight resulted in structures were burned, as well as some residents were abducted then transformed into undead beasts by the cultists. The town was in danger from the creatures, Wortham's mayor issued a distress message, but before any aid was received the mayor was shot dead.

A few years later, Wortham was once again the target of a cheap Diablo 4 Gold cultist assault, but this time, the damage was more serious. Lead by Maghda, the cult set their town on fire, believing that a fragment of El'druin had been kept there. After the shard had been found, the cultists left, just as Nephalem heroes came to aid.

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