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Diablo IV Gold expands the range of character customization options by showing its campfire of adventurers wearing different looks each time players load the game. It's not clear from the game itself about the Barbarian is supposed to be white-haired and of Mount Arreat, or that any other classes should be limited to ethnic or gender roles automatically.

Although Diablo 4's character creation options aren't as deep as other modern role-playing games however, these choices can produce great-looking, personalized characters and still maintain that dark and medieval look Blizzard is trying to create.

Diablo 4 continues the saga of Blizzard's most popular games, offering a new look into Hell. The sins of man angels, demons and angels lie at the heart of the Diablo series as well as the former Archangel Tyrael lies squire-like between them all.

Then, long after Inarius and Lilith secretly created Sanctuary with the Nephalem as the children born to angels and men - the Council of Archangels met to determine humanity's fate. The vote was cast by Tyrael, who was the final vote and this means that he's accountable by the remainder of the Angiris Council, leading to him dying prior to what transpired in Diablo 4 all for the sake of mankind. His role in the new game is unclear at present However, there are possibilities that this crucial character will be considered in the future of the series.

Diablo 3 is a deep dive into Tyrael's tale, as he transforms into The Fallen Star by tearing off his own wings and falling to Sanctuary that is where descendants of Nephalem are residing. By joining forces with a powerful descendant, Tyrael is able to eliminate the primary evils and takes the control of his Black Soulstone. After the Archangel of Death, Maltheal, went after the stone, and then took on all of his companions, it was Tyrael who had his companion sent to Pandemonium to destroy death itself.

Tyrael is able to keep his mortal form . He then is reunited with his angelic brothers and becomes both an aspect of Justice and Wisdom. 

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