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If you were concerned that F2P mechanics would Diablo 4 Gold undercut Diablo Immortal and cause a loss of quality, then your worries were justifiable. If, however, you hoped Blizzard could offer a good mobile spinoff to fill the time until the next big entry in the series, it was not to be disappointed. Check out our complete Diablo Immortal review.

The control system here is slightly different, depending the game's platform, PC or mobile devices, but the concept behind it is the same. You'll pick a quest in the city, then venture into the wilderness, tapping or clicking incessantly to take on enemies, sometimes engaging special abilities or sipping an elixir of healing. The combat may not be that intense, but it's satisfying and requires some tactical thinking, especially when you're besieged by the demonic hordes, and have to deal with special cooldowns to abilities as well as your potency.

Diablo Immortal's core gameplay is basically the same as the one you've played in the three previous Diablo games. Since Diablo is a game that can be played on mobile devices in the first place, actions are a bit less precise, character building seems a little less detailed, and it's clear that the game gives you lots of options in order to compensate for the touchscreen controls. It's not a problem, though, as the difficulty does increase in time.

As is typical in Diablo In typical Diablo fashion, you'll also gather loot along the way that's a lot of it. Nearly every enemy that you take on will drop some sort of magic weapon or piece of armor and you'll find yourself switching out gear in order to grow stronger while you play. 

Whatever you don't really need can be salvaged, and this is among Diablo Immortal's greatest features. Rather than just selling off equipment that isn't needed and scrap it for parts, and put those parts to help you build the gear you want to keep. This gives you a steady sense of progression, as well as allowing you to create long-term character strategies around high-performance pieces of equipment.

There's nothing to complain about the action-packed gameplay that happens in Diablo Immortal. Fighting the demonic hordes can be Diablo 4 Gold buy satisfying; there's a lot of diversity in character classes, abilities and potential builds; there's plenty of interesting loot to find. Structurally, though, it's not without flaws.

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