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New to the series and wondering what the best Diablo 4 class for beginners is? With five varied classes to choose from, each with their own pros and cons, it can be hard for a newcomer to choose the class that’s right for them. If you’re new to the game, as well as knowing the best Diablo 4 class for beginners, you might also want to know some of our Diablo 4 tips for beginners before you head out to explore the vast Diablo 4 map. Choose the suitable class to help you making more Diablo 4 Gold to enjoy the game.


The Barbarian is arguably just as easy as the Necromancer and can be built in numerous different ways. The Barbarian is a forgiving class and an absolute beast when built as a tank, with damage reduction and shielding built into their kit. Tanks are generally pretty forgiving — it goes without saying, the harder you are the kill, the longer you stay alive, which is everything in a game like Diablo IV. The Barbarian can wield four weapons at once with the Walking Arsenal mechanic, allowing you to utilize two two-handed weapons or two one-handed weapons.

This class might not be for you if you aren’t a fan of melee classes, however. The Necromancer may be a better choice if you feel uncomfortable with taking the majority of the enemy focus, as tanks often do. This class also struggles somewhat early in the game, which can hurt your progress if you aren’t exactly sure how to maneuver the Barbarian’s kit. But if spinning-to-winning and going hog wild on hordes of the undead sounds like your cup of tea, then the Barbarian is a solid class to pick.


The Necromancer is a versatile caster, able to spec for close combat or ranged damage, and can rely on the support of a small horde of summoned skeletal Minions in combat. While not initially very powerful, these pawns will take the pressure off the player admirably, allowing a respite to put those necromantic powers to work as and where they're needed. Or failing that, you can sacrifice the ability to summon Minions for powerful and permanent buffs (like 30% extra damage to Weakened enemies, for example).

Beyond, the Necromancer can harness the power of Blood, Darkness, and Bone magic. All three disciplines feature powerful offensive magicks but spells like Bone Prison and Blood Mist allow for some crowd-control and utility spells as well. Whichever way you decide to build your necromancer (and if you need pointers, check out our Best Necromancer Builds), you will have a whole host of abilities at your command to deal with any situation thrown at you.


The Druid is a primordial conduit of Nature's wrath, capable of tearing the Earth asunder and restricting the movement of enemies. Once pinned down, the Druid can unleash the power of the Storm, raining Lighting upon hapless foes, blowing away what remains with powerful blasts of Wind.

When all else fails, the Druid can Shapeshift into a lithe and agile Werewolf, increasing their attack speed and critical rate. For more heavy-duty destruction, there's the option of the Werebear form, which deals massive area-of-effect damage to anything caught in its path, and vastly increases survivability.


The Rogue is your best bet if you want to live out your assassin fantasy, with some strong movement options, strong damage, and access to some classic assassin abilities, like stealth and trap abilities. This class by far has the highest skill ceiling of any class in Diablo IV, which means the Rogue is probably not the best choice for those experiencing an ARPG for the first time. Rogues can be built melee-focused around imbuements which add elemental effects to your attacks or keeping foes at a distance with traps and caltrops while dishing out damage with your ranged weapon and Rapid Fire core skill.

The Rogue’s identity is to imbue their weapons with Poison, Cold, or Shadow energies, giving your attacks different effects. Poison is most useful for bosses, while Shadow can be used against mobs for AoE damage. The easiest leveling path may be the Flurry variant for the Rogue, which is a Core Skill that hits enemies up to four times in front of you. Build around Flurry for the easiest time.


Sorcerers have one of the most versatile kits out of all the classes in Diablo 4. They have skills like Barrier to tank damage and things like freezes and stuns for crowd control and keeping enemies under their thumbs. They also have some of the highest damage output in the game. If you follow a good build guide for this class you’ll be able to breeze through the leveling experience and your friends will be wondering how you’re so good as a new player.

You can of course play any class that you like the look of, although as a newer player I would always recommend that you follow a build guide, at least at first. You will likely run into a wall at some point where you stop doing enough damage or don’t have enough survivability unless you follow the ability layout of someone experienced who knows how to optimize a class.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours, and no matter which class you opt for, if you play your cards right, you will have a stupendously powerful build. Players should also focus on crafting legendary items to increase their gold gains. There are many players choose online safe diablo gold store to Buy Diablo IV Gold such as https://www.igmeet.com/Diablo-4-Gold

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