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If I recommend osrs to a friend, there is virtually 0 content that we can do with each other until they've put a hefty amount of hours grinding solo. Quests, diaries and let us say base 70s. This is not an easy job for somebody. That is why I say its bad. It's a mmo that is played solo. There is no casual coop or group activities unless you dump massive hours into solo. While I really like RuneScape gold game and play with it. It is and always will be awful in my opinion for all these reasons.

There's loads of content you can perform together, but it can't be at an end match level. That's true for any mmorpg on the market. Is WoW a bad game because I can't do end game content as a new player? The time required doesn't make it bad. That is an illogical conclusion. It is not a game you can jump into as a participant. But is DOTA or Hearts of Iron. Are those bad games? Is Hearthstone a game since you need to invest plenty of houndreds or money, if not tens of thousands of hours to play all the cards? Is MTG a bad match?

RuneScape game doesn't lend itself to connections between players that are casual and end game players, but that does not make RuneScape game bad. All mmorpgs are like that. It can still be an good game even though it's not ideal for your particular needs. Dota includes a casual style. Rs has not better interaction than any mmo I have seen. Wow you can start and alt with a friend to level and you may be at a celebration to help quest, skill and kill. Do dungeons. Also of the mmos over tried, being wow/ffonline, and eso, the maximum level unlocks everything. Max degree is your only real entry point for end game content.

And max degree takes maybe 20 hours in those games? Now compare this to rs. Barrows gloves. The contrast is wack. The entrance point to do participating staff content in rs is insanely high. Especially for people who work 5 days a week. I honestly dont know why or how people take action. Active players who have stayed playing rs raiders I have added doing tob or cox, they perform 8 hours a day. They fail their responsibilities irl I am sure. Anyone says when they are currently taking a rest from 17, that their quality of life goes up. Its addictive and we keep coming back. I say this to my point - to perform rs at a balanced way from scratch 2 hours each day, getting into a point is not realistic. Rs is the game people talk about a single grind being 10+ hours. Each grind is hours long. Its wild.

Since RuneScape game is diverse and you cannot assert that everybody must like every component of everything they've interactions with. If you think bruv, legit illness. There are sub communities which rely on game assets for endeavours, some of which never float or meet. You're going to tell me those parties dislike or have can not criticise different facets of RuneScape game? The issue with this subreddit is criticism and tribalism. Nobody is talking about RuneScape game's health from a game design standpoint. Over whoever advantages more gp/hour it's always tit. Vs pvmers is a retarded debate completely.

Can you believe drop rates are harder on WoW or OSRS

Sorry, dumb post. My brother asserts that buy RuneScape gold loot of getting whatever loot fall rate along with the possibility is a lot tougher for on World of Warcraft, in comparison to OSRS, what do you think?

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