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The Regal Ancestor Spirit is really a strangely unique boss in Elden Ring Items, for the reason that it makes utilization of a subset of enemies that rarely get highlighted.

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The Regal Ancestor Spirit is among the more unique bosses in Elden Ring, and not simply because it has only a single reuse placed elsewhere through the Lands Between. There are a few important aspects that help this boss stick out among the plethora of other encounters through the game, using the strongest originating from how it utilizes Elden Ring's wildlife like sheep and boars.

With a lot of little animals scattered around Elden Ring, it's interesting to determine that a minimum of one boss was able to actually make use of this wildlife, both for that base animation from the Regal Ancestor Spirit as well as in its later phases. This then turns into a great illustration of FromSoftware not just making the world from the Lands Between feel alive but additionally utilizing a number of animations that may otherwise go unseen through the majority of a playthrough.

Regal Ancestor Spirit's Animal Teleporting

Even in comparison to the regular Ancestor Spirit, the Regal variant is its very own beast of the encounter because of a handful of attacks unique towards the second from the two fights. One that sticks out is the teleport the Regal Ancestor Spirit may use, allowing the boss to slowly melt off into the ground before rising through one of the spirit animals roaming around its arena. This can often help disrupt the pacing of the fight, forcing the ball player to reassess the arena and chase on the boss which could easily be a punching bag whether it doesn't shake things up.

While the teleportation itself is interesting on its very own, it comes with an added wrinkle that comes in the specific way the Regal Ancestor Spirit seems to move over the arena. In teleporting towards the location of some other spirit animal, the boss assumes some of the characteristics of the animal itself, gaining a brand new attack with respect to the chosen wildlife. These unique attacks range from a boar charge towards the ram roll that the players can learn using Elden Ring's ashes of war.

The result is really a series of attack animations that will normally be given towards the wildlife that many players will spend the majority of their amount of time in the Lands Between avoiding unless they're farming for bones or Elden Ring's powerful exalted flesh consumable. These attacks can also help to change the pace of the fight against the Regal Ancestor Spirit, because of the way the new attacks can certainly catch the player off guard by having a quick roll or even the giant boss jumping around just like a jackrabbit. This is among the better ways the boss seems to catch the ball player off guard, unlike the boss' unique capability to heal which appears within the later phases.

Regal Ancestor Spirit Doesn't Know When to Quit

Another unique ability the Regal Ancestor Spirit has that sets it aside from other bosses and also the first Ancestor Spirit enemy may be the ability to heal after reaching below roughly 50% health. This is actually a dual-purpose ability, for the reason that it not just heals the boss but could also damage the ball player if they're hanging around too close after it activates. So, to include insult to injury along with a player having their progress with the boss' health bar reversed, bad positioning can certainly lead to a quick reset back towards the nearest Stake of Marika.

While extending the Regal Ancestor Spirit fight isn't bad, especially with this healing ability also becoming an attack, this unique attack is often a point of criticism for that boss. This is more because of the frequency where the boss will sometimes make use of the ability, completely undoing the ball player's progress every 10 seconds. It makes for any great case to depart Regal Ancestor Spirit until a person has made the most from cheap elden ring items stats to be able to burn the boss down before it's the chance to heal more often than once.

Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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