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Genshin Impact accounts players could possibly get useful rewards from flagship events, and something fan shows virtually all of the rewards offered to date.

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A neat Genshin Impact infographic showcases the rewards fans have received through flagship events. Genshin Impact gets updates regularly because the development team releases new events and quests for gamers to sign up in.

These Genshin Impact events can provide a number of rewards, including characters, unique weapons, a lot of resources, Primogems, and much more. These events are just available for a restricted time, so players have to log in to Genshin Impact during that specific period and finish the challenges to find the rewards. Now, one Genshin Impact user makes a handy chart detailing the rewards fans have received during flagship events.

A user named Balcika makes a new post on Reddit, detailing their email list of rewards players might have received when they took part in that one flagship Genshin Impact event. These items can be acquired for free simply by playing with the event, which makes them especially useful free of charge-to-play Genshin Impact users. As observed in the image, players happen to be able to collect a number of different characters and weapons from all of these major events, without needing to pull on their behalf.

This list includes useful four-star Genshin Impact characters like Fischl, Xingqiu, and Beidou, and a skin for Ningguang. It looks like Fischl may be the only character to become offered twice during flagship events because the other characters happen to be featured only once. Regardless, there appears to become a decent quantity of elemental variety during these options, allowing users to acquire characters that may be missing using their lineup.

Most recently, fans were able to find the Ibis Piercer weapon in Genshin Impact during update 3.7 of the game. Ibis Piercer is really a four-star bow in Genshin Impact having a max base attack of 565 and an ATK percentage since it's a secondary stat. Fans might have received it by playing with the Duel! The Summoners' Summit! event hanging around, that also gave away a lot of other useful rewards.

As observed in the infographic, players will be able to find the four-star character Layla free of charge by playing with the upcoming event in update 3.8 of Genshin Impact. This update launches the following month on July 5, 2023, allowing users to require the characters available during phase 1. This Genshin Impact banner brings back Eula because the featured character, marking her return after almost 2 yrs, with fans also being in a position to wish for Klee.

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One of the oldest Genshin Impact accounts characters is finally getting another banner run in Version 3.8 after being missing for more than 500 days.

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Genshin Impact is bringing back Eula like a featured banner character in Version 3.8 after almost 2 yrs of absence. The community often joked about Eula as being a mysterious new character, as numerous newcomers who only started playing Genshin Impact following the launch of Inazuma had without any way to pull for that Spindrift Knight. Her last banner is at Version 2.3 on November 24, 2021 – where she was partnered with Albedo, one of the more specialized Geo characters in Genshin Impact. Unlike Albedo, who was built with a rerun annually later, Eula fans needed to wait over 500 days on her banner to come back.

It's precisely this wait, along with the growing roster of characters, that made the city become vocal concerning the possibility of having triple banners in Genshin Impact. Eula exists like a niche character, as her concentration on dishing out Physical Damage runs counter to one of the core facets of Genshin Impact's gameplay: elemental reactions. Eula might have amazing synergy with Raiden Shogun or Yelan for Superconduct or Shatter teams, but her Cryo element largely plays second fiddle towards the deadly dance of her Claymore. This factor, along with the concentration on Dendro for Sumeru, unfortunately, made Eula sink into the backdrop in terms of meta.

Eula's return was announced throughout the Special Program for Secret Summer Adventure, Version 3.8 for Genshin Impact. Eula and Klee would be the banner characters with this update, as well as their return, continues to be heavily speculated (as well as outright leaked) for months ahead from the official announcement. Still, Eula fans probably have been worried the developers would change their marbles last minute, as numerous believe Eula was designed to have a rerun with Mika's debut in Version 3.5, given how well his kit complements her very own.

Though many players won' doubt saving their Primogems for brand new Genshin Impact characters for example Wriothesley, Furina, Neuvillette, and Clorinde, investing several pulls into Eula might not be a bad idea given her general rarity. Hydro and Cryo pair well together and given the concentration on Hydro for Fontaine, there are certain to be some characters that will take Eula's damage possibility to even greater heights.

The next character that was not featured in a long time is Zhongli, the Geo Archon, and incidentally enough, the perfect Support character for Eula Superconduct teams. As a Geo Polearm user, Zhongli's strength is based on being able to conjure powerful shields to safeguard any on-field character. With a generous cooldown along with a bit of skill, Eula can remain protected from damage almost indefinitely. Zhongli's last appearance in Genshin Impact was on August 24, 2022. Though it remains to appear if he'll feature on one of the banners for Version 4.0, he's certainly next in line for any rerun.

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An Elden Ring Runes player discovers a very clever method to trick and sneak past the game's most frustrating enemies utilizing an unorthodox item.

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An Elden Ring player has discovered an imaginative trick to sneak beyond the Madness Eye toward the top of the Frenzy-Flaming Tower. It could be a frustrating area for unfamiliar Elden Ring players who quickly succumb to madness without realizing why it's happening.

Elden Ring established fact for its frustrating locations, most of which can leave players feeling just a little sore when an enemy or some ill effect unexpectedly jumps out and results in them losing almost all their runes. Madness could be a particularly tough status effect to suddenly be suffering from as it makes spellcasting impossible and may quickly drain health. The Frenzy-Flaming Tower around Liurnia from the Lakes is really a location where first-time players may suddenly find themselves suffering from madness, plus they may not even realize why it's happening. One player has figured out an imaginative solution based on how to deal with it.

The means to fix the Madness Eye's effect originates from user Typical-Painter-7052 around the Elden Ring subreddit. They made a post about having the ability to fool the Madness Eye on top of the Frenzy-Flaming Tower, which might come across to a lot of observers being an obvious homage towards the Eye of Sauron from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, a set that clearly inspires Miyazaki and the crew within the making of numerous of their fantasy worlds. The Madness Eye over the Frenzy-Flaming Tower will continually build the ball player's madness meter once they are within range and examination, but apparently, disguises are a highly effective tool for this problem.

The video showcases the ball player using a Mimic Veil item as a disguise. The Mimic Veil typically isn't among the more useful components of buy elden ring items, and several players often neglected it outside of occasional experiments that may make for funny videos, like sneaking up behind an enemy player in PvP. In this case, though, the Mimic Veil proves extremely useful, because it completely negates the effect of the Madness Eye, which disappears when the villagers towards the top of the tower are killed.

The Frenzy-Flaming Tower is definitely an out-of-the-way location without any boss that's really only there for players who would like the incantation Howl of Shabriri. Some may not even be thinking about that after glancing at the incantation's effects, but another player around the same subreddit has proven that it is a damage buff when combined with one of Elden Ring's best sorceries like Comet Azur, can lead to an effect that absolutely melts through certain enemies. That could definitely be worth slipping on the Mimic Veil and sneaking up a tower.

The Regal Ancestor Spirit is really a strangely unique boss in Elden Ring Items, for the reason that it makes utilization of a subset of enemies that rarely get highlighted.

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The Regal Ancestor Spirit is among the more unique bosses in Elden Ring, and not simply because it has only a single reuse placed elsewhere through the Lands Between. There are a few important aspects that help this boss stick out among the plethora of other encounters through the game, using the strongest originating from how it utilizes Elden Ring's wildlife like sheep and boars.

With a lot of little animals scattered around Elden Ring, it's interesting to determine that a minimum of one boss was able to actually make use of this wildlife, both for that base animation from the Regal Ancestor Spirit as well as in its later phases. This then turns into a great illustration of FromSoftware not just making the world from the Lands Between feel alive but additionally utilizing a number of animations that may otherwise go unseen through the majority of a playthrough.

Regal Ancestor Spirit's Animal Teleporting

Even in comparison to the regular Ancestor Spirit, the Regal variant is its very own beast of the encounter because of a handful of attacks unique towards the second from the two fights. One that sticks out is the teleport the Regal Ancestor Spirit may use, allowing the boss to slowly melt off into the ground before rising through one of the spirit animals roaming around its arena. This can often help disrupt the pacing of the fight, forcing the ball player to reassess the arena and chase on the boss which could easily be a punching bag whether it doesn't shake things up.

While the teleportation itself is interesting on its very own, it comes with an added wrinkle that comes in the specific way the Regal Ancestor Spirit seems to move over the arena. In teleporting towards the location of some other spirit animal, the boss assumes some of the characteristics of the animal itself, gaining a brand new attack with respect to the chosen wildlife. These unique attacks range from a boar charge towards the ram roll that the players can learn using Elden Ring's ashes of war.

The result is really a series of attack animations that will normally be given towards the wildlife that many players will spend the majority of their amount of time in the Lands Between avoiding unless they're farming for bones or Elden Ring's powerful exalted flesh consumable. These attacks can also help to change the pace of the fight against the Regal Ancestor Spirit, because of the way the new attacks can certainly catch the player off guard by having a quick roll or even the giant boss jumping around just like a jackrabbit. This is among the better ways the boss seems to catch the ball player off guard, unlike the boss' unique capability to heal which appears within the later phases.

Regal Ancestor Spirit Doesn't Know When to Quit

Another unique ability the Regal Ancestor Spirit has that sets it aside from other bosses and also the first Ancestor Spirit enemy may be the ability to heal after reaching below roughly 50% health. This is actually a dual-purpose ability, for the reason that it not just heals the boss but could also damage the ball player if they're hanging around too close after it activates. So, to include insult to injury along with a player having their progress with the boss' health bar reversed, bad positioning can certainly lead to a quick reset back towards the nearest Stake of Marika.

While extending the Regal Ancestor Spirit fight isn't bad, especially with this healing ability also becoming an attack, this unique attack is often a point of criticism for that boss. This is more because of the frequency where the boss will sometimes make use of the ability, completely undoing the ball player's progress every 10 seconds. It makes for any great case to depart Regal Ancestor Spirit until a person has made the most from cheap elden ring items stats to be able to burn the boss down before it's the chance to heal more often than once.

Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Genshin Impact accounts and Honkai: Star Rail developer HoYoverse's annual financial report reveals the studio boasted bigger profits than PlayStation in 2022.

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A new report reveals that Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse saw massive earnings over its past fiscal year, topping even gaming juggernaut Sony. While the Chinese development studio was initially founded this year, the organization has only truly seen its worldwide breakout over the past few years with the monumental success of its newest games. The developer took the planet by storm in 2020 using the release of their flagship RPG and followed it up using the highly-anticipated launch of Honkai: Star Rail captured. Now, HoYoverse has solidified its position as a major player within the gaming industry.

Genshin Impact's overwhelming popularity continues to be apparent because the RPG first debuted in September 2020 using the gacha game racking up significant sums of cash. The game's newest gacha banners regularly boast over $10 million USD in sales in China alone, using its most successful banner earning nearly $50 million. The recent discharge of Honkai: Star Rail has performed as well as its predecessor using the game's early banners boasting similarly high totals. Now, HoYoverse's earnings in the last year have even seen the studio topping a gaming icon in Sony.

Recent financial statements from HoYoverse have revealed the staggering profits the developer made through the 2022 fiscal year. The Chinese studio reported an income of more than $2 billion USD through the last year, placing the precise total at $2.26 billion. The number significantly tops those of Sony's PlayStation through the same year, which reported a still massive profit of $1.84 billion. The profit also may come as part of annual when HoYoverse set up $3.83 billion as a whole revenue using its games' gacha systems proving to become lucrative for that studio.

HoYoverse's banner earnings come from annually which saw several significant changes for that developer through the course of 2022. Last year saw the annual discharge of a new region for Genshin Impact using the debut from the Sumeru region, along with the launch of multiple highly-anticipated characters like Nahida and Wanderer. The early areas of 2023 also have seen massive success for that developer, both with Genshin Impact's highest-grossing banner and also the previously mentioned debut of Honkai: Star Rail.

Throughout the remainder of 2023, HoYoverse looks poised to follow along with up the strong year it saw in 2022 with increased success. The studio's newest release in Honkai: Star Rail has amassed a big fanbase, boasting over 20 million downloads in just two days of their launch. Genshin Impact can also be gearing up for the debut of their newest region using the Hydro Archon's region of Fontaine expected to become added to the sport this summer. A similarly successful year in 2022 would see HoYoverse still cement its name as one of the industry's top developers.

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Honkai: Star Rail Accounts has secretly added a brand new feature, and several players are surprised to determine it within their games.

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail secretly added a brand new chat feature after its latest update. The game happens to be in Version 1.1, which features Silver Wolf because the current five-star banner character, along with a museum management mini-game inside the Everwinter City Museum Event, among many more.

Before the discharge of Version 1.1, Honkai: Star Rail hosted a unique stream to showcase the brand new features and excellence of life updates that'll be made. One of the highly anticipated features was the in-game Friends Chat, which may allow players to interact with online friends or leave offline messages. Unfortunately, Honkai: Star Rail's chat feature was delayed to some later date, leaving some fans disappointed once they didn't find it within the latest update.

A week following the launch of Version 1.1, many players learned that the Friends Chat had been available within the game. A player named Sanuicay also shared a screenshot from the chat UI around the Honkai: Star Rail subreddit. This came as a surprise as HoYoverse didn't make any public announcement on its social networking platforms concerning the chat feature being ready to go after a quick patch update. Players can access this feature by clicking around the lower left icon, which will let them initiate a conversation with anyone on the friend list.

In the Reddit comments, many Honkai: Star Rail players were thrilled to determine the chat feature was finally out, stating that they desired to personally thank fellow players for lending characters like Jing Yuan and Yanqing as Supports. Meanwhile, some noticed that HoYoverse must have added emotes within the chat, such as the adorable Pom-Pom emotes the Trailblazer uses while texting. It's possible that emotes might be added in the next update, but this has not been confirmed at the time of this writing.

HoYoverse has a knack for quietly installing certain updates in Honkai: Star Rail. Previously, one fan noticed that the enemies close to the Bud of Harmony Calyx were now turned around so that they won't ambush players while attempting to farm materials. This standard of living updates in Honkai: Star Rail make sure that players might have a seamless experience while grinding through missions and challenges.

While the cheap honkai star rail account is still in the middle of Version 1.1, there have recently been leaks and rumors on what to expect in Version 1.2 in July. These include the very first look at five-star banner characters Kafka and Blade, and also the amount of Star Rail Special Passes that players could receive when they log in for any week. As always, these ought to be taken having a grain of salt as HoYoverse might change things around at the last minute.

Honkai: Star Rail has become available on Mobile and PC. A PlayStation version is in development.

Here’s how to locate the Lichdragon Fortissax secret boss in Elden Ring Runes.

Lichdragon Fortissax is really a Legend-type boss in Elden Ring. The dragon is definitely an optional boss that may be fought after Fia's questline. Defeating it'll unlock an alternate ending in Elden Ring. Additionally, players will obtain Fia's Armor Set, Runes, and Remembrance from the Lichdragon. The latter allows tarnished to buy two Incantations from Enia, the Finger Reader.

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Lichdragon Fortissax is really a huge four-winged dragon that attacks with lightning. Reaching it takes traveling to an underground area. Players need to go through a minimum of two bosses before clashing with Lichdragon Fortissax.

Updated on June 13, 2023, by Nahda Nabiilah: Before considering fighting the key boss, players should first visit a way to trigger Fia’s quest as it’s the only method to answer the question of how to get to Lichdragon Fortissax. It’s a difficult boss that utilizes many lightning Incantations and it is capable of one-shotting Tarnished in Elden Ring. There are some crucial steps essential to reach the Lichdragon Fortissax location; one of these is triggering Fia’s quest, and the other is acquiring the Cursemark of Death. The latter is related to a different NPC’s story, that is Ranni the Witch.

Where to Find Lichdragon Fortissax Secret Boss In Elden Ring

The Lichdragon Fortissax secret boss is available in the deepest areas of Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring.

First, start Fia's questline. After giving the broken dagger to D, Hunter from the Dead, players must visit Nokron and beat the Valiant Gargoyle boss. A coffin will spawn after the boss room. Interacting using the coffin teleports players to a different hidden area, Deeproot Depths.

Upon coming to Deeproot Depths, head west and lightweight the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Lost Grace, summon Torrent, turn west, then:

Sprint towards the giant tree root that connects two platforms.

Jump around the root then keep following its path until players get to the other side.

Move northwest and activate the Deeproot Depths bonfire. A Palm Reader NPC ought to be sitting near a cliff.

Now, move northeast and undergo a narrow pathway. This leads to a little building (which appears like an elegant garden house). Pick up the Deeproot Depths map fragment then move southwest towards the Nameless Eternal City Site of Lost Grace.

From there, go south with the giant archway and ensure to get rid of the knight, or they'll chase endlessly. Then, head east and climb the tree roots then move ahead alongside its path.

Once the main branches into two paths, go ahead and take one around the right. Walk across the path until it ends. Jump to the broken root around the left and move ahead till a Site of Lost Grace is seen underneath.

A Site of Lost Grace ought to be visible from above. Drop down and lightweight the Across the Roots bonfire. Head northwest right into a large open area. Fia is going to be inside, before interacting with her, players will fight in Fia's Champions boss fight.

Beat them, then offer her the Cursemark of Death and exhaust Fia's dialogue. Now, reload the region and connect to the sleeping Fia to go to her dream.

Inside, tarnished will combat the Lichdragon Fortissax. Upon beating the dragon, players will gain the Mending Rune from the Death-Prince to unlock the Age of Duskborn Ending.

Additionally, beating the dragon grants 90,000 Runes and also the Remembrance of Lichdragon. This item may be used at the Roundtable Hold to purchase two Incarnations: Fortissax's Lightning Spear and Death Lightning.

How To Trigger Fia’s Quest In Elden Ring

Fia, the Deathbed Companion is one of the many NPCs encountered in the Roundtable Hold when the first Shardbearer is defeated. She is available in a bedroom alongside where Smithing Master Hewg is situated. At first, Fia is only going to offer Baldachin's Blessing when Tarnished allows her to keep them.

However, upon unlocking Altus Plateau or defeating General Radahn in Elden Ring, Fia’s quest is going to be triggered, an important factor for Lichdragon Fortissax's location. Head towards the Deathbed Companion and hold her to speak in secret to get the Weathered Dagger. After that, Tarnished must create it for D, Hunter from the Dead which completes the initial step of Fia’s questline in Elden Ring.

How To Get The Cursemark Of Death In Elden Ring

The Cursemark of Death is really a key item provided to Fia to advance in her own quest and fight the Lichdragon Fortissax. Acquiring said item isn't an easy feat as players must progress via a good chunk of Ranni the Witch’s mission to get it.

Firstly, exploring Caria Manor in Liurnia from the Lakes and defeating Royal Knight Loretta is really a must. That’s because Ranni is inside Ranni’s Rise which is only accessible from Loretta’s boss area.

Next, Tarnished must travel all the methods to Caelid and trigger the Radahn Festival. Defeating General Radahn will unlock Nokron, the Eternal City, making it possible to retrieve the Fingerslayer Blade. Give The Nokron Treasure to Ranni to get the Carian Inverted Statue which may be used inside the Carian Study Hall to turnover it inverted. Finally, head all the method to the top floor from the Divine Tower of Liurnia to get the Cursemark of Death.

The last step would be to offer the Cursemark to Fia in the Deeproot Depths after defeating the Fia’s Champions boss, allowing the Deathbed Companion to put with Godwyn as well as for players to go in her dream to battle the Lichdragon Fortissax secret boss in cheap elden ring runes.

Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

The free Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone from 

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

1.1 might help certain characters increase their performance.

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail 1.1’s new and free Light Cone, called Before The Tutorial Mission Starts, has become available to obtain – however for a limited time. Version 1.1 has finally arrived, and also the update brought forth many new activities and content for players to understand more about within the turn-based RPG produced by HoYoverse. Before The Tutorial Mission Starts is just one of these bits of content. It is a 4-star Light Cone designed for characters that stick to the Path from the Nihility and is just one of Silver Wolf’s signature weapons. In fact, the artwork for that weapon features Honkai: Star Rail’s Silver Wolf, together with copies of Owlbert.

While the free Light Cone from Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 could be equipped by any hero that follows the Path from the Nihility, it's a better fit for some characters instead of for others. The base HP, ATK, and DEF stats can all be used normally through the equipping character, nevertheless, its Superimposition skill, which grants additional effects, depends on how certain heroes operate. Some characters aren't capable of inflicting the particular statuses that trigger Before The Tutorial Mission Starts’ effects, therefore the Light Cone’s usage would ultimately be wasted. Honkai: Star Rail’s Welt, for example, is a such character.

What Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone Is Good For In Honkai: Star Rail

To better understand which characters are the ideal ones to equip Before The Tutorial Mission Starts in Honkai: Star Rail, players must realize how the free Light Cone works. The equipment provides a medium-ranged base ATK (476 at level 80), which makes it ideal for sub-DPS characters inside a Honkai: Star Rail team comp. What makes this weapon exceptional, specifically for a F2P (free-to-play) Light Cone, is its Superimposition skill. Called Quick On The Draw, the skill boosts the user’s Effect Hit Rate by 20%. If the Light Cone’s Superimposition skill is fully upgraded, this number rises to a whopping 40%.

Additionally, the consumer regenerates 4 Energy once they attack opponents with reduced DEF. This number rises to 8 Energy with full Superimposition leveling. Because of this, Before The Tutorial Mission Starts in Honkai: Star Rail will work for characters and team comps which are able of lowering the enemies’ DEF stat. Characters that this is, are typically, the ones that follow the Path from the Nihility. Nevertheless, not every hero does that, for example, Welt. While the 5-star character is able to apply debuffs, they don't normally affect DEF, but SPD.

Best Characters To Equip Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone In Honkai: Star Rail

The best characters to equip Before The Tutorial Mission Starts in Honkai: Star Rail are characters that stick to the Path from the Nihility and therefore are able to apply DEF debuffs to opponents. As this free Light Cone in Version 1.1 is Silver Wolf’s signature weapon, it's nearly tailor-designed for her. She is, right now, the very best character to equip it. Silver Wolf’s Talent includes a chance of lowering the target’s DEF by 4% for three turns when she attacks enemies, which could then later be exploited through the Light Cone’s Superimposition skill.

In addition to that particular, Silver Wolf’s Ultimate comes with an 85% base possibility of decreasing the target’s DEF by 36% for three turns. With a higher rate of success, which could also be improved as players level their Traces, the Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone is an ideal match for Silver Wolf’s expertise in Honkai: Star Rail. Of course, her 5-star signature Light Cone Incessant Rain is way better, in terms of base stats and Superimposition skill. Nevertheless, the free 4-star Light Cone from Version 1.1 is a superb substitute just in case players have no better options to select from.

Another character that may adequately equip Before The Tutorial Mission Starts is Pela. By using her Technique to initiate a battle in Honkai: Star Rail, the 4-star character includes a 100% base possibility of lowering the DEF stat of opponents by 20% for 2 turns. This is a superb way of starting a fight and taking advantage of the Light Cone’s Energy Regeneration stat within the first stages. It also matches Pela’s concentration on Energy Regeneration, which is ideal to help keep her Ultimate up. Coincidentally, Pela’s Ultimate includes a 100% base possibility of applying the Exposed debuff on all enemies, which reduces their DEF by 30% for 2 turns.

Though Welt and Sampo cannot directly apply DEF debuffs to opponents, they are able to perhaps take advantage of the Before The Tutorial Mission Starts’ Superimposition skill in Honkai: Star Rail by pairing track of a team member that does. While having two Nihility characters inside a team comp is wildly odd, it could be done. This would require Welt or Sampo to become carefully built as main DPS characters, with Silver Wolf or Pela because the sub-DPS is accountable for applying the DEF debuff. It would be a unique and imperfect strategy, but a still valid one.

How To Get Before The Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone In Honkai: Star Rail

The free 4-star Light Cone Before The Tutorial Mission Starts is exclusive to the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 event called Starhunt Game. By playing the event’s Story Mode and collecting all eight required graffiti in Herta Space Station, players will unlock the Light Cone free of charge. Before The Tutorial Mission Starts can't be obtained in any other way and really should be claimed prior to the event concludes on June 19. The same is applied to its Superimposition materials, Lil’ Twisty Bubble Gum. All four copies of the item could be obtained by participating in the event’s activities.

While Honkai: Star Rail’s Before The Tutorial Mission Starts isn't fit for each Nihility character within the game, the free Light Cone does serve Silver Wolf and Pela very well. There are better choices for both characters, but this is a superb substitute – as well as an even greater Light Cone considering how easy it's to get and max out. As the cheap honkai star rail account evolves and new characters are added to the game, what about a future Nihility hero who will also be in a position to take advantage of the free Light Cone’s skill?

Multiple unofficial Genshin Impact accounts leaks and teases of their many upcoming playable characters bring new excitement for both longtime and new fans.

genish impact

The most enjoyable part of Genshin Impact is its characters, and then any leaks about which of them are coming next are of prime interest to fans, even if developer HoYoverse doesn't provide official confirmation. Genshin Impact's free-to-play RPG model is constantly on offer regular updates like events and new explorable regions which are added every patch, but characters are probably the most anticipated. Genshin Impact currently has 68 playable characters, split evenly between 34 5-star characters and also the 34 4-star options. This large roster is only going to continue to grow as weight loss regions are freed.

Most of Genshin Impact's 5-star characters are only able to be obtained through promotional wishes, meaning they are available within the gacha system just for a limited period of time. Each character's unique personality and combat skills offer new playstyles for fans. A character is predicted to become playable should they have a vision, another look at the mundane NPCs, or perhaps a voice line about them using their company characters. Playable characters are classified by their Vision element, region, affiliation, and weapon type. Genshin Impact character leaks often build hype for upcoming characters, with players getting something to appear forward to, whether that's comprehensive information or free more than a possible name.

How Genshin Impact Is Leading Up To Fontaine Characters

The next major region that Genshin Impact is headed to is Fontaine, likely to arrive using the game's 4.0 update. Most of the currently rumored Genshin Impact playable characters are consequently from Fontaine, closing it on updates centered on the latest region of Sumeru. Although playable characters from Fontaine aren't planned to get banners before the release of 4.0, the three.8 update is poised for everyone as a transition period. Genshin Impact 3.8 leaks indicate a temporary region of Penumbra meant to ease players into swimming mechanics that'll be relevant for Fontaine.

The Genshin Impact 3.7 update, released on May 24, made an earlier overture for that upcoming Fontaine narrative using the addition of Charlotte, a character in the region. Charlotte works for that Steambird, a Fontaine newspaper, and appears in 3.7 being an NPC tied into the event's storyline. Genshin Impact Charlotte leaks indicate the character is going to be playable inside a future update, serving as a potential first Cryo Catalyst for that game. As Charlotte sports a Cryo Vision, her element can be viewed as confirmed, even though other rumors are just based on leaks and can be viewed as speculative for that time being.

Leaked Genshin Impact Characters From Fontaine

Most leaks for upcoming characters in Fontaine and beyond have little concrete information, but several designs, names, and details happen to be passed around. The most recent addition to the lineup of Genshin Impact 4.0 contenders may be the leaked Fontaine character Freminet, who is likely to arrive using the banners for that update. Freminet is described as a diver, an art that would appear to become linked to the swimming mechanic that Fontaine is rumored to create. As the 4-Star character to operate alongside already confirmed 5-Star options, Freminet ought to be an exciting Cryo Claymore user for fans.

One Fontaine figure that players can likely be prepared to see through the release date of Genshin Impact 4.0 is Neuvillette, allegedly the Chief Justice from the region. Players cannot use this particular name for that Wanderer, which indicates the character will ultimately be playable hanging around. Another that has appeared in leaks is Yuelyn, who expected to become a female Geo user. Yuelyn continues to be associated with leadership from the light faction in Fontaine, although there isn't much evidence for that rumor right now. Her name is really a rough translation, with fans speculating that could actually be rendered as Juline, Jolene, or something similar.

Wriothesley is definitely an expected Fontaine character that, like Neuvillette, continues to be loosely confirmed to become playable through players' inability to choose the name for that Wanderer. No images have leaked from the character, even though some fans have illustrated fanart designs according to descriptions. Like Charlotte, Wriothesley sports a Cryo Vision, and could also be arriving before many of the Fontaine characters come in 4.0. Rumors place his first appearance in Genshin Impact 3.8, an update that could also begin to see the introduction of the Hydro Claymore user in the region named Soutine.

A final Fontaine character inside a slightly less speculative realm is Focalors, the Hydro Archon who ought to be found within the region. The name was already mentioned hanging around, confirming the character's existence, but no announcement has officially occurred regarding Focalors being an upcoming figure. The Hydro Archon's appearance has only originated from leaks, which showcase appropriately blue costuming inside a similar color scheme to Neuvillette and indicate sword usage along with a kit involving gravity. If Focalors follows the road set by other Archons, she's unlikely to be playable until a while after Genshin Impact 4.0

Further Genshin Impact Character Leaks

Several other potential Genshin Impact characters have even less available information than most from the leaked material, and none of those individuals are specifically linked to the region of Fontaine. Captain R includes a confirmed name and continues to be associated with leaked designs, but additional information about the character happens to be unknown. Service includes a name and picture which have floated around for some time, but a tweet from Genshin Impact leaker Mero calls the name along with other previously associated details inaccurate. An Inazuman Electro character is likely to appear in Genshin Impact 3.8, but no name or design is located for this candidate.

Any unconfirmed genshin impact accounts for sale characters that eventually become playable it's still at the mercy of RNG, a lot of players might not have a chance to acquire them. Regardless, having a wide roster of characters that appears to become in the works, fans from the game must have ample chance to expand their lineup in a single form or any other. There is always a thrill to collecting characters and experimenting with team builds, and also the leaked characters that appear to become heading to Genshin Impact in the future won' doubt bear this energy going.

The enduring interest in Elden Ring Runes implies that the hype around its upcoming DLC, Shadow from the Erdtree, is sky-high. The open-world action RPG, which borrows numerous themes and mechanics from the sister series, Dark Souls, has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide, and fans are wanting to see what Japanese developer FromSoftware has cooked up for that expansion. The Souls series includes a history of saving its very best content for expansions, and Elden Ring should not be different. While at the minimum, new areas and enemies are going to be expected, Shadows from the Erdtree's biggest enemy will probably be one that nobody expects: the heavy burden of expectation.

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For long-standing fans of FromSoftware, Elden Ring's success may have come as no real shock. Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team's incredible trajectory because of the 2009 discharge of cult classic Demon's Souls continues to be almost meteoric. Newer titles for example Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have proven to be the developer's most successful, showing that simply players from the games themselves, the greater experience it garners, the greater it gets. All of this previous success was dwarfed by Elden Ring though, which reached heights never previously attained by FromSoftware when it comes to global sales and popularity.

Elden Ring's DLC Will Carry The Heavy Burden of Fan Expectation




The Biggest Enemy of Elden Ring's Shadow from the Erdtree DLC Won't Be a Boss

Story by Daniel Amoroso • 7h ago

The Biggest Enemy of Elden Ring's Shadow from the Erdtree DLC Won't Be a Boss

The Biggest Enemy of Elden Ring's Shadow from the Erdtree DLC Won't Be a Boss

The enduring interest in Elden Ring implies that the hype around its upcoming DLC, Shadow from the Erdtree, is sky-high. The open-world action RPG, which borrows numerous themes and mechanics from the sister series, Dark Souls, has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide, and fans are wanting to see what Japanese developer FromSoftware has cooked up for that expansion. The Souls series includes a history of saving its very best content for expansions, and Elden Ring should not be different. While at the minimum, new areas and enemies are going to be expected, Shadows from the Erdtree's biggest enemy will probably be one that nobody expects: the heavy burden of expectation.

For long-standing fans of FromSoftware, Elden Ring's success may have come as no real shock. Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team's incredible trajectory because of the 2009 discharge of cult classic Demon's Souls continues to be almost meteoric. Newer titles for example Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have proven to be the developer's most successful, showing that simply players from the games themselves, the greater experience it garners, the greater it gets. All of this previous success was dwarfed by Elden Ring though, which reached heights never previously attained by FromSoftware when it comes to global sales and popularity.

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Elden Ring's DLC Will Carry The Heavy Burden of Fan Expectation

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Elden Ring’s Lore

FromSoftware's new-found success is really a double-edged sword, as this implies that even more will be expected from Elden Ring's DLC when it comes to lore in addition to new areas and bosses. Each previous iteration from the Soulsborne collection, apart from Sekiro, has already established a minimum of one paid expansion. While all these expansions have varied when it comes to what sort of content they provide, all of them share one key attribute: all of them have added sufficiently healthy amounts of challenge and lore for their respective games.

Some of the best characters and boss fights in a FromSoftware title are born from DLC. For example, Dark Souls 2, a title that lots of consider to be the weakest from the series is made considerably stronger by its DLC offerings. In particular, The Crown from the Old Iron King DLC sticks out, mainly because of the intelligently crafted Brume Tower map, and it is boss, the imposing Fume Knight based in the tower's bowels. Bloodborne's DLC, The Old Hunters, is locked in equally high reverence by fans and critics alike, with a few calling it one of the greatest paid expansions ever released. This puts Shadow from the Erdtree inside a rather compromising position.

Elden Ring's boss difficulty varies, and several of its toughest challenges can be created substantially easier because of a couple of mechanics designed specifically to create the game more accessible. That being said, the sport is still punishingly tough sometimes, and also the expansion will probably be no different. Many are going to be expecting FromSoftware to construct an already-rich tapestry of lore, answering many questions the base game does not address. One character player is going to be hoping for more information on may be the mysteriously absent Miquella, the twin brother of the base game's toughest boss, Malenia.

While It's fairly likely that Shadow from the Erdtree could concentrate on Miquella, players will even want answers on other vague topics and characters which have only been discussed or alluded to in the sport so far, for example, the elusive gloam-eyed queen, or even the treacherous Badlands area. It certainly seems a large ask to reply to all of these questions in a satisfying and conclusive way. Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking games like cheap elden ring items never was going to be always easy, but FromSoftware's past expansions show that fans are totally justified to anticipate great things from Shadow from the Erdtree.

Elden Ring can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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