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YouFind is an interactive digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong. YouFind consultants are passionate marketers that deliver online solutions by providing smart thinking and smart strategies that are most suitable for you to increase the sales and leads. In this internet era, digital marketing has never been so important to a business as the Internet is entwined with everything we do. In 2019, the average Internet user has at least 7 social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, LinkedIn etc. Studies by Gartner indicate that increasing numbers of consumers will use social media to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions. The importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear. Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Weibo are some of the must-have platforms for businesses in Hong Kong and China to carry out online marketing strategies to target and reach their potential customers no matter what sector your business is in.

Digital transformation is an evolve-or-die decision to a company. When done right, it presents new opportunities for companies and allows you to enter a marketplace quickly. YouFind has helped a lot of businesses in Hong Kong with many successful stories to share. Its evolution changed the way of businesses interacting with and influencing their customers, positioning their brand against competitors and promoting new products and services. However, according to an Everest Group study last year, more than 70% of enterprises failed to provide any business value whatsoever from their digital transformation efforts. The common reasons to the digital transformation failure are lack of up-front commitment, fail to take an iterative sprint approach and wrong positioning. Some Small to Medium Enterprises tried to run some Google Ad Campaigns, such as Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, or Video on their own. But they can hardly achieve their advertising objectives. They invest some money, but the campaign did not give them any remarkable increase in sales, leads, website traffic, brand reach or even App promotion. The online marketing can fail easily when handle by an inexperienced person. If you have no clearly defined goals, no systematic campaign testing, no split-test, or even emphasize the wrong metrics and under budget, there is a high risk that you will fail your online marketing.

Time is money. If you want to grasp the golden business opportunities in the digital era, you should not waste your valuable time to do the digital translation from scratch. YouFind are pioneers in search marketing with over 10 years of online marketing experience. YouFind and the YouFind consultants helped over 1000 brands to fulfill their online marketing strategy to achieve excellent results to become our regular customers. YouFind consultants are able to provide a complete range of tools and services including Search engine marketing (SEO and SEM), Search Reputation Management (SRM), Digital PR Management such as social monitoring, crisis management, KOL, Online Advertising such as Display network ads, Social ads, Video Ads, as well as Web Analytics and Social media marketing including Facebook to China Outreach.

Apart from having the right online marketing strategy, having a right consultant service & audit is essential as well. A social audit helps to a company to identify potential risks and liabilities and improve its compliance with the law. It also helps to narrow gaps between goal and reality, between efficiency and effectiveness. It is a technique to understand, measure, verify, report on and to improve the social performance of the company. While the brand audit helps you determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies, creates opportunities for improvement, and finds new ways to help your business stay relevant and move forward. It is a crucial step to sharpen your image so that you stand out among your competitors. YouFind is a full-service online agency, not only the YouFind can help you with the social audit and brand audit, the professional YouFind consultants also do the Ad Words performance audit for your company. Analysis is complicated and optimization is always complicated and time-consuming as well. With our optimization through real time analysis using YouFind analytics, we simplify your audit process. It provides insightful and actionable recommendations to you and allows you to compare through benchmark. In addition, You Find will give you free competitors’ analysis report so that you can reach your potential customers before your competitors do.

If you want to have successful digital transformation and carry out accurate online marketing, YouFind works best for you. YouFind is a local and experienced digital marketing agency which has helped over 1000 brands in Hong Kong to fulfill their marketing goals. YouFind has won numbers of marketing awards, namely the “Best Client - Agency Collaboration” from the Marketing Magazine Agency of the Year Awards 2019, “Best Mobile Team” and “Best of Social Media” from Marketing Magazine MOB-EX Award 2019. With the YouFind consultants, your company will never fail.