Certified Computer Network Expert – CCNE

Certification Requirements:

– Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
– 15 or more years of experience
– Configure and Understand the working principle (Cyberoam Router,Huawei Router, CISCO Switch, TrendNet Switch, Ubnt Unifi, Unifi Controller and Ubnt M2 Device)
– Hands-on experience with Cacti, Zabbix, Nagios, MRTG, newrelic, datadog or other systems monitoring software (cacti preferred)
– Working knowledge of networking principles and applications / technologies and routing (e.g., TCP / UDP protocols, DNS, DHCP services)
– Working Knowledge of WLAN technologies, design and management of Wireless networks/ devices
– Independent understanding and configuring network protocols and routing principle (DHCP, DNS, ARP, VLANs, TCP/IP, HTTP,SMTP,HTTPS,FTP,SFTP,SSH etc.)
– Conceptual knowledge on cloud computing, virtualization, automation, monitoring, web application deployment and security.
– Good written and verbal communication skills
– Awareness of various SDLC methodologies
– Self-reliant, Independent, fast learner, Team player
– Certification RHCE, CCNA, CCNSP, MCSE, MCP will be an added advantage

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Random CCNE Certificates List

Certification IDFull NameCertified expert inIssue dateView/Link
10673Mr. Wyatt P MeunierCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNETuesday, 08.10.2013View/Link
11121Ms. Kathrin T SchmidtCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNESaturday, 10.09.2016View/Link
10444Mr. Saleem M DaherCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNEThursday, 31.05.2012View/Link
10695Mr. Ward A SleimanCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNESunday, 02.11.2014View/Link
10968Mr. Ignace M LécuyerCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNETuesday, 29.01.2013View/Link
10840Mrs. Christiane G de ChateaubCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNESaturday, 26.03.2016View/Link
10642Mr. Devi R WillemsCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNETuesday, 29.05.2012View/Link
10956Mrs. Musette J BrousseauCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNESaturday, 01.03.2014View/Link
11042Mrs. Wisam S ShamoonCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNEThursday, 03.03.2016View/Link
10766Mrs. Summer H YipCertified Computer Network Expert – CCNEWednesday, 23.12.2015View/Link
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