Certified Database Development Expert – CDBDE

Certification Requirements:

– Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
– 15 or more years of experience.
– Experience in Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T-SQL Development and administration.
– Experience with database development tools (Oracle, SQL Server) and ETL Tools.
– Demonstrated track record of building and launching successful products that leverage terabytes of data.
– Experience in Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, and ETL processing.
– Knowledge of one or more structured programming languages ( C#/.Net, Python, etc.).
– Experience with no SQL databases (Cassandra or Mongo DB).
– Experience with cloud based technology (AWS).
– Experience in Telecom systems.
– Team-player, flexible and proven ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
– Strong written and verbal communication skills.
– Detail oriented with the demonstrated ability to multitask.
– Experience using Agile-based methodologies.

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Random CDBDE Certificates List

Certification IDFull NameCertified expert inIssue dateView/Link
11103Mr. Salvatore A SpijkstraCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDETuesday, 27.12.2016View/Link
10641Mr. William R LaforgeCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDEFriday, 12.08.2016View/Link
10343Ms. Olivia A RichardsonCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDEThursday, 14.10.2010View/Link
11097Ms. Fantina F SylvainCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDESaturday, 19.03.2011View/Link
10685Mr. Brodie E AitkenCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDEWednesday, 29.01.2014View/Link
10615Mrs. Yesim M BaanCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDETuesday, 25.12.2012View/Link
10486Ms. Abir L HadadCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDEThursday, 26.05.2016View/Link
10945Ms. Mylie K PatersonCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDESaturday, 09.11.2013View/Link
11174Mrs. Mariam Z MacalisterCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDEWednesday, 28.09.2016View/Link
11020Mrs. Aubrey O CayaCertified Database Development Expert – CDBDETuesday, 04.03.2014View/Link
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