Certified Information Security Expert – CISE

Certification Requirements:

– Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
– 15 or more years of experience in network, hosting, data and/or application security in multiple operating system environment.
– Experience working with federal regulations related to information security.
– Existing knowledge or work experience with networking protocols and understanding of security related technologies including encryption, IPsec, PKI, VPNs, firewalls, proxy services, DNS, and access-control-lists.
– Experience working with internet, web, application and network security techniques.
– Experience working with relevant operating system security (Windows, Linux, etc.)
– Experience and/or knowledge with leading firewall, network scanning, intrusion detection, and authentication technologies
– Security certifications (CISSP, CCNA, etc) preferred, but not required
– Experience utilizing and performing security scanning activities
– Ability to perform and interpret vulnerability assessments
– Ability to administer the operations of a security infrastructure
– Ability to balance and prioritize concurrent initiatives
– Ability to create and review technical documentation
– Ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships/partnerships with the information security and infrastructure support teams throughout the Information Technology organization, as well as business units and customers
– Strong work ethic
– Good use of discretion and judgment
– Strong communication skills
– Strong analytical and problem solving skills to troubleshoot and resolve network/operating system security issues

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Random CISE Certificates List

Certification IDFull NameCertified expert inIssue dateView/Link
10247Mr. Zack M SmithCertified Information Security Expert – CISESunday, 21.02.2016View/Link
10552Mr. Kian M WallaceCertified Information Security Expert – CISESunday, 30.11.2014View/Link
11218Mrs. Elizabeth N MolineuxCertified Information Security Expert – CISESaturday, 19.10.2013View/Link
10818Mr. Lukas E StevensonCertified Information Security Expert – CISEWednesday, 08.02.2012View/Link
10748Mrs. Crystal F LangstonCertified Information Security Expert – CISEMonday, 11.08.2014View/Link
11213Mr. Roger S CraftCertified Information Security Expert – CISEThursday, 29.12.2011View/Link
11029Mrs. Najibah F KhouryCertified Information Security Expert – CISEMonday, 21.03.2016View/Link
11176Mr. Joshua A PatersonCertified Information Security Expert – CISEThursday, 01.03.2012View/Link
11157Mr. Jens A VogelCertified Information Security Expert – CISETuesday, 14.06.2016View/Link
11092Mr. Sven K MuenchCertified Information Security Expert – CISEMonday, 27.10.2014View/Link
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