Certified Information Technology Expert – CITE

Certification Requirements:

– Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
– 15 or more years of experience
– Independent problem-solving, self-direction and documentation skills;
– Expert in all aspects of server administration; for example, configuration of disk sub-systems, server operations and maintenance, server migration, – server protection and disk to disk backup/restore;
– A solid understanding of Web Services, messaging and other related technologies;
– Experience supporting application servers/database migration/upgrade efforts.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
– Expertise in Virtualization and DR environments

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Random CITE Certificates List

Certification IDFull NameCertified expert inIssue dateView/Link
10400Mrs. Joséphine G BenjaminCertified Information Technology Expert – CITESaturday, 30.07.2016View/Link
10304Ms. Summer L WongCertified Information Technology Expert – CITESaturday, 26.01.2013View/Link
11021Mr. Gioele R CalabresiCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEMonday, 01.02.2016View/Link
10667Mr. Sebastian S GrunwaldCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEWednesday, 24.08.2011View/Link
10853Mr. Steffen B LoweCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEFriday, 18.06.2010View/Link
11125Ms. Wafiya A TannousCertified Information Technology Expert – CITESunday, 01.05.2011View/Link
10476Mr. Eric A FisherCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEWednesday, 04.07.2012View/Link
11137Ms. Maria Luisa G LongoCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEMonday, 15.02.2016View/Link
11028Ms. Aiace S FallaciCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEFriday, 28.12.2012View/Link
10989Mrs. Kyra K ReillyCertified Information Technology Expert – CITEMonday, 29.12.2014View/Link
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