Certified Data Centers Expert – CDCE

Certification Requirements:

– Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
– 15 or more years of experience
– Experience running a data center team and managing large scale projects
– Experience working with large physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure environments
– Knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems and how to support them
– Familiarity with Dell PowerEdge Servers, running Windows and Linux
– Working knowledge of network and security (Firewalls, IDSs, etc.) solutions
– Attention to detail
– Experienced in working with technology teams on infrastructure requirement and solution development
– Ability to follow complex and detailed instructions
– Sense of action and assertiveness to resolve issues
– Desire for learning new technologies
– Strong data analysis and problem solving skills
– Excellent written and verbal communications skills

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Random CDCE Certificates List

Certification IDFull NameCertified expert inIssue dateView/Link
10913Ms. Abida N MasihCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEThursday, 17.02.2011View/Link
11186Mr. Harry S HillierCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 23.06.2014View/Link
10499Mrs. Leah M AbtCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 04.07.2016View/Link
11114Mr. Ramón S EgginkCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 26.04.2010View/Link
11177Ms. Ruqaya S BoulosCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 08.02.2016View/Link
10679Ms. Sirin S AlmasiCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 23.07.2012View/Link
11082Mrs. Zuha A RahalCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEFriday, 06.07.2012View/Link
10482Mrs. Heather A GrosCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCEMonday, 09.11.2015View/Link
11098Mrs. Rebecca P OchsCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCESaturday, 12.04.2014View/Link
11081Mr. Yves C GénéreuxCertified Data Centers Expert – CDCESunday, 21.02.2016View/Link
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